Daedalus Audio ~ Apollo Series Speaker Systems


Featuring the new Daedalus 10” woofer;
sealed crossover compartment, completely
asymmetrical hardwood cabinets and more,
these systems take the unique qualities of
Daedalus speakers to another level.

These are full range loudspeakers with
the highest level of refinement.
The virtually flat frequency response
and extended bass provide lifelike
definition that is clear and balanced.

Due to our extreme level of detail these are
built to order on a limited basis.

The Apollo is a three way design which
functions as a point source for imaging
that one would expect from a single
driver system, for modest to large rooms.

The Apollo 11 features one woofer with
two mids and tweeters using our trademark
offset design and an MTTM configuration.
An elegant speaker with a large lifelike

The ZEUS, the father of Apollo and our
statement speaker in the Apollo Series.
At over six feet tall this system is for large
rooms, a real full range system that is
exquisitely balanced.

More about each of these great speakers soon......



Made in USA

   Copywright 2017 Daedalus Audio