New in 2017 : Apollo
Three way Full Range loudspeaker based on the Daedalus 10" woofer



Featuring the new Daedalus 10” woofer;
sealed crossover compartment and
completely asymetrical hardwood cabinet.

At 46 inches tall, 96.5db and a
smooth impedance curve this is
a moderate sized speaker with a
BIG sound and VERY tube friendly.

The virtually flat frequency response
and extended bass provide lifelike
definition that is clear and balanced.

Our three way design functions
as a point source for imaging that
one would expect from a single
driver system but without
the compromises

Also new for 2017:
Duelund/Mundorf EVO option
Utilizing Duelund resistors and
the new Mundorf EVO caps for
greater openess and clarity.
$395 at the time of build

introductory price: $14,250

Our “desert island”speaker.
The one that does it all.




Made in USA

   Copywright 2015 Daedalus Audio