Daedalus Dynamic-Audio 2.1
DA-2.1 Speaker System:
Three way stand mount speaker
95db 1w/1m - 8 to 500 watts per side
30"H X13"D X11" w/o stand
Available in solid Oak, Cherry or Walnut
36 to 25kHZ +/- 2db
one - 1" Soft Dome tweeter
one - 5" midrange driver
one - 8" Daedalus Audio Dynamic Loudspeaker

Too often 'high-end audio' speakers lose their sense of realism as you move around the space, often sounding sterile or incoherent once you move out of the 'sweet-spot'. The DA-1.1 and DA-2.1 address this issue with an accurate, high quality, dynamic sound stage that is stable anywhere in the room. These systems are perfect for two-channel listening in large rooms and open floorplan homes as well as Home-Theater.

The components and level of quality are the same as our new Audio Reference Series, the difference is that the emphasis with the Home-H/T Series is on a stable, cohesive sound stage that fills a room. The DA-1.1 and DA-2.1 use dual, angled tweeters and an angled baffle to achieve very consistent, off-axis dispersion. The depth of stage and imaging of these models are easily on a par with that of most audiophile speakers in their price range yet they can fill a house with music like few others.

I have long believed that speaker efficiency is crucial to real life dynamics. Coupling high efficiency with high power handling makes for effortless reproduction of music, these speakers are never working near their limits and have the speed and headroom to recreate a live musical experience.

Daedalus Dynamic Audio-1.1
DA-1.1 Speaker System:

Three -way floor standing speaker
97db 1w/1m - 8 to 800 watts per side
45"H X16"D X11"W 102lbs ea.
29 to 25kHZ +/- 2db
two - 1" Soft Dome tweeter
two - 5" midrange driver
two - 8" Daedalus Audio Dynamic Loudspeaker














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