All-Poly capacitor upgrade option: (2010)

With this option we have removed any electrolytic capacitors in our crossovers and replaced them with high voltage poly and teflon capacitors and the highest quality resistors, carefully matching all components for perfect balance. This has been a painstaking process as we didn't just substitute new parts but selected specific capacitors and resistors for optimum synergy. While our standard systems are primarily crafted with high end poly caps there were some large values, which were made up with a combination of electrolytic and poly caps, this is standard practice for most high quality speaker systems. Fortunately we have a direct source for extremely high quality poly caps and are able to make this an affordable option.

All of our three-way systems use three separate crossover boards, each one dedicated to one frequency range. The All-Poly crossover has a fourth board for one large value alone as well as larger main boards to accommodate the large poly capacitors. This option can be retrofitted to our existing systems, but does require shipping back to our factory where we can replace and fit the entire crossover network. If you have a system with the older binding posts we will include the upgrade to Cardas posts with this upgrade.

Sonically this brings the system to another level of refinement. Imaging locks in with a greater sense of air and space surrounding each instrument, bass is more extended with much more control and detail, the whole system is much faster and effortlessly reproduces all the subtle transients and dynamics. The vocals and highs are full bodied while also having more detail and clarity. Because the crossover is more electronically 'transparent' there is a gain of about .5db in system sensitivity as well as better matching with all amplifiers, (esp. low power tube).

Upgrade Options

We constantly strive to improve our products and to always keep an upgrade path open when possible.
No one wants to be forced to sell their speaker just to get the latest version.

Daedalus Trim Rings:
These are custom designed black anodized aluminum rings that fit our Daedalus woofers, they suspend the woofer frame between gaskets with at least twice the torque of the previous mounting. That coupled with no mechanical fasteners directly attaching the frame of the driver to the baffle significantly improves definition in the bass through the vocal range as well as imaging.
These are standard on all new v.2 models as of Oct 2014 and are an upgrade that can be user installed.  $70 ea. 
(a pair of Athena would need 2 Trim Rings, Argos would need 4 rings)

Version 2 upgrade:
This is an accumulation of research we have done over the last few years in wiring, crossover design, resonance and phase correction that all came together in 2014. The result is a huge leap in every aspect of performance.
Detail, resolution, dynamics, bass response, treble speed and extension; all profoundly improved.

The Version.2 is standard on all current models and a V.2 upgrade can be done here on most of the older models. 

********************NEW 2017********************
Duelund/Mundorf EVO Gold Option: $395 at time of build, call for upgrade cost.
For those who want to push these to the limits of refinement Duelund resistors and the new Mundorf EVO caps are the ticket. Extended, smooth airy highs and mids, for that last bit of perfection.


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