Lou Hinkley Fingerstyle and bottleneck guitar work rooted in country and delta blues, powerful, gravelly
vocals and quirky instrumentals influenced by world and celtic music... a unique style.

Lou Hinkley's original instrumental release...Ten Years at the Eclipse

musicians on
'Ten Years at the Eclipse'

Eric Aceto

Harry Aceto

Max Buckholtz

Lou Hinkley

Hank Roberts

Doug Robinson

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Lou Hinkley's day job as owner of,
Daedalus Cabinets

"After years of playing the blues Lou Hinkley didn't realize how subtle and complicated his original guitar pieces are until he started working on his new recording. It's hard to define the genre of 'Ten Years at the Eclipse'. Maybe we should call it intricate folk-jazz.
This album marks an evolution in Hinkley's blues. Expect a special ride, starting with the breezy lyricism of "Leaves Dance in the Wind" moving through the plaintive lyricism of "She's Coming Back", on to the dark mystery of the title piece.
Hinkley found a compatible trio in Max Buckholtz and Harry Aceto, whose bass lines help root Buckholtz's improvisational flights of fancy and such guest musicians as Hank Roberts (notably on 'Angels Joy'). What were originally solo pieces for guitar become much more. "it was really interesting working with these textures", Hinkley says. Hinkley writes in the liner notes, "The encouragement of many fine musicians and friends has brought me back to the music and taught me to listen with my heart, to play/live from my gut." There's not only good heart and gut in these original pieces by Hinkley. There's deep soul as well. Long time fans may miss his vocal pieces; Delia, Lazarus, Corina and more. Don't despair. Another blues recording featuring these old friends is planned for next year."
Pam Goddard – ‘Ithaca Times’
These tunes all began as solo guitar pieces yet the recording is an ensemble work. Lou Hinkley’s guitar is part of the band, sharing the stage with Hank Roberts on cello, Max Buckholtz on violin, Eric Aceto on mandolin, Harry Aceto and Doug Robinson on upright bass. The supporting players on this disc have worked extensively with Martin Simpson, David Bromberg, Jay & Molly Unger and many others.

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