Manufacturers who own Daedalus Speakers
and use them for their product development
Gill Audio Designs
Galibier Turntables
Modwright Instruments
ModWright Instruments listening room with Daedalus Audio Ulysses
The guitars featured in the photos are of the highest quality and made by David Webber.

also check Michael Millard's Froggybottom Guitars

Jeff Traugott @

AUDIO RESOURCESPDF on loudspeaker sensitivity from Musical Fidelity

These are products and companies that we are authorized to sell as a service for our customers.                         
 Call for pricing and more info.

Daedalus/WyWires Speaker Cables:
(These are based on our internal wiring research and mate beautifully with our speakers.)

Furman Power Conditioners:
(The SPR-20i is our favorite for voltage regulation, this what the studios use!)

Modwright Instruments:
(KWA150SE a true reference power amp / PH150 top rated phono /
Elyse DAC digital that sounds like great analog!)

Parasound Halo Series: (pre and power amps)

WyWires Cables:
WyWires/Daedalus Power Broker

Soundocity custom outriggers and spikes:
(These are USA made and very high quality!)

I wholeheartedly recommend these companies for the quality and value of their products,
as well as their integrity and commitment to customer service.

We use Wy-Wires Power Cords and Interconnects in all our systems and feel they are among the very best available at any price.
Any serious system will benefit from these!

I believe strongly in both the WyWires and the ModWright products and am proud that Dadealus is an authorized dealer for both of them.
thanks, lou hinkley



We use Forby's Pure Lemon Oil for maintenance.


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