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"When I sit down to listen I also get to look--and I love what I see and understand what I've got--and that means a lot. With the Apollo series Lou Hinkley has once again elevated his game. I think you will be hard pressed to find speakers that sound better, look better, and make you feel better about your audio aspirations."
Mark D

    The Apollo 11 v.2  couples our bespoke craftsmanship and modern engineering to a larger cabinet with a unique driver array that provides a wide, stable sweet spot throughout the entire listening area.  At the top of the baffle is our trademark offset tweeter. The offset tweeter both increases sensitivity and provides exceptional imaging regardless of where the listener is seated. The Apollo 11 v.2 is capable of providing a smooth, balanced and coherent sonic presentation in large listening rooms--even those with irregular shapes, open floor plans and/or vaulted ceilings. This is an elegant speaker that will grace any room with a large lifelike stage and utterly compelling musical presentation.

Apollo 11 v.2 Loudspeaker

Apollo 11 v.2 shown front and back

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