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    Daedalus Audio was founded in 1992 to provide musicians speaker systems and amplification worthy of the fine acoustic instruments they play. Almost presciently in 1993 Acoustic Guitar magazine hailed Daedalus as the "audiophile approach" because of our dedication to the purest most faithful sound quality. Ten years later in 2002 we launched our line of home audiophile speakers with the DA-1. In the following decades the two product lines have helped each other,  our work with "pro" speakers bringing life and realistic tonality to our home speakers, and our research in audiophile speakers bringing clarity and detail to our Pro systems. It has been a wonderful symbiosis.

    Our home audio speakers have become very popular and it is with sadness that we can no longer find time to build many of the pro systems, so we have to discontinue all but two models.  We will continue to make the W-803 and the SR-823 as we can fit them in our schedule. For recording studios the Daedalus Audio Muse/Studio and Apollo speaker systems are ideally suited for the finest studios.
  I would like to personally thank everyone whom I've had the pleasure of working with on the Daedalus adventure, and I hope to continue our relationships.



   I found very early on that solid hardwood is a great material for building speakers, durable, very stiff and of course beautiful. All of the Daedalus systems are made with .75" thick solid renewable sourced hardwoods and the finest of materials. Most of the drivers we use are proprietary and made for us to spec in the USA.
  Early on I met Guy Veralud who is one of the best designer/engineers in the world and he has been instrumental in creating the crossover systems that make the Daedalus speakers clear and detailed. Obviously using solid hardwood and top quality custom drivers and crossovers is a very expensive and time consuming approach, but the payoff is something very special and an apt compliment to fine musical instruments. All of this is just as true for our home audio systems... it takes that extra effort to bring the emotion and excitement of music from the musician into our living room.

           Lou Hinkley founder of Daedalus Audio

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2002 album of original material by Lou Hinkley.

Lou Hinkley (6&12 string and baritone guitars) Harry Aceto (upright bass),

Max Buckholtz (violin) ,

Hank Roberts (cello),

Eric Aceto (mandolin) 

Doug Robinson (electric bass).

Daedalus Audio

7060 Portal Way #120

Ferndale, WA 98248


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