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The Muse is a floor standing three way system designed to function as a point source much like a quality two-way system yet without the compromises. The Muse are well suited to small to medium rooms  and disappear even at very close range for excellent imaging. The porting is out the front so that they can be placed near the walls if desired.

The Muse Studio has the same crossover network as the Athena for maximum definition and accuracy.

 These are very versatile systems and an elegant solution for difficult rooms.


Muse /Muse studio

Muse one C rnd-2.jpg

"the Daedalus speakers revealed an ability to subtly shift volume levels of various details within the recording, adding much to the realism of the music. But it is their ability to crescendo in a heartbeat that is really a head-turner.
...imaging was nothing short of spectacular. The stage extends from wall to wall, and even beyond."

Muse couch rnd1-004.jpg
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