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Apollo Series Speakers

The god Apollo, known for his musical abilities, represents the apotheosis of the Daedalus loudspeaker lineup. The Apollo series encapsulates what I have learned about faithful music reproduction over the past twenty-five years designing and building professional and home audio loudspeaker systems.These are full range loudspeakers with the highest level of refinement, capable of thoroughly transporting the listener to the recording session or live performance venue. A virtually flat frequency response, vanishingly low distortion, impeccable phase coherence, natural instrumental and vocal tones, superbly balanced across the frequency spectrum, and easily driven by a wide range of tube and solid state amplifiers. The Daedalus Apollo Series speaker systems are simply our finest creations.


All Apollo series speaker systems feature asymmetrical, extensively braced hardwood cabinetry; isolated, sealed crossover compartments (containing  Duelund resistors and specialty buffer capacitors) with full rear panel access; and customized mounting fixtures for both woofer and midrange drivers which radically reduce distortion. Each Apollo series speaker has a unique driver array to compliment any size listening room or configuration.


New for all Daedalus loudspeaker models, including the Apollo series, is a redesigned tweeter from Eton, which delivers greater speed and accuracy without compromising the natural tonality and non-fatiguing character of the prior model we have deployed with great success for years. Also new (and unique to the Apollo series) is a proprietary 10” woofer that provides an exceptional foundation to the musical presentation. Drawing upon our extensive experience in pro audio, where ten inch drivers provide a certain sonic “magic” that other drivers simply do not possess, we have found that the new driver provides more bass extension and a slightly more “natural/realistic” mid bass response. The overall effect is that the bass is more powerful yet significantly more refined, seamlessly blending within the overall sonic landscape. Both new drivers are incredibly fast without sounding analytical, with very low distortion and a very “correct” sound in terms of both response and phase coherence.

We build each Apollo series to order and on a limited basis, using a variety of hand selected renewable hardwoods. They represent the pinnacle of loudspeaker design, engineering and craftsmanship and are, in all respects, individual works of art without compromise. Call us to discuss which model would best meet the requirements of your listening room.

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