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"I’m impressed. Your DiD’s are imparting a clarity, transparency, and liquidity, that is luscious, my friend.
No major review is required here. These are the real thing! And very easy to use." 
Dr. David W. Robinson ~ Editor-in-Chief, Positive Feedback

Positive-Feedback Review link here

I have always been skeptical of many audio tweaks and if they are really worth the money? Yet as we keep pushing the envelope to make recorded music sound 'real', I see the need to look at every aspect of the signal chain. This is the kind of design philosophy that has me constantly improving the speakers... investigating ALL the details that go into the system.

    Resonance control is crucial in the design of great speaker systems, and now we have applied that knowledge to isolation devices (footers) for components and speakers. The results of coupling resonance dissipation with vibration control have far exceeded my expectations...    These REALLY work!

Speaker DiD w spike copy.jpg

DiD:  iso Devices for electronics.     The DiD devices utilize dissimilar materials to dissipate resonance and are coupled with bearings to also isolate the electronic component from vibration. Precision made of highly polished billet Aluminum, solid Cherry and Brass with steel bearings.

DiD-SPK are designed for speakers, larger and with no bearings these help define the lower frequency range and improve the soundstage.


Daedalus Stainless Steel spikes with Brass lock nuts for speakers. These are massive and the density plus differing materials provide a solid foundation with improved clarity.

Daedalus Stability Bases: These are custom designed for our 8" woofer speakers and use our Stainless Steel/Brass spikes for the highest quality in sound definition and stability.

Daedalus/WyWires speaker cables: These are based on our unique internal wiring designs and made to our spec by WyWires. These cables are much more than an "accessory", they are a component themselves and often are called "transformative".


WyWires/Daedalus Power Broker: A non-intrusive multitap design that improves dynamics and soundstage.

Daedalus Turntable Base:  A custom two inch plus thick solid wood base with brass inserts and four DiD. A beautiful way to remove resonance issues from turntables.

   We also have Daedalus shirts, jackets, beer glasses etc. No sonic benefit but a fun way to show that you are part of something special.


Dealer Inquiries Welcomed

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