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Poseideon Speaker


This system is the culmination of two decades work, melding the best features of our popular Ulysses and Argos models as well as our latest technical advances into stunningly sculpted, large full range speaker system. Combining an MTM design with the wide dispersion dual tweeter system of the Argos creates a huge yet natural soundstage, a real sense of “you are there”.

The dual woofers are the new 2015 Daedalus 8” speakers which feature lower distortion and a more linear extended response, they are very fast, defined and natural with minimal artifacts. ALL the detail with NO extra over-ring or blur!

At 97db 1/w-1/m sensitivity and a nearly flat impedance load as well as very high power handling capability, the Poseidon easily mates with any quality amplifier be it an 8 watt SET or a 300 watt Class A solid State. Even though these are a large speaker they are effortless to drive, providing a clear window to all the upstream gear and of course the music.

Like all our systems these are bespoke pieces made of solid hardwood, with dovetail joinery and an old-world hand rubbed oil/varnish finish. Inside are the perfectly matched advanced crossover networks, complex bracing, proprietary wiring harness and hand treated drivers.



Solid American Cherry is standard
Other North American Hardwood options available.

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