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Upgrade Options


We constantly strive to improve our products and to always keep an upgrade path open when possible.
No one wants to be forced to sell their speaker just to get the latest version.

2018 Upgraded new Eton tweeters, cleaner with more extension, linearity and dispersion.

Custom midrange trim rings, looks great and a surprising reduction in distortion.


Daedalus Trim Rings:
These are custom designed black anodized aluminum rings that fit our Daedalus woofers, they suspend the woofer frame between gaskets with at least twice the torque of the previous mounting. That coupled with no mechanical fasteners directly attaching the frame of the driver to the baffle significantly improves definition in the bass through the vocal range as well as imaging.

These are standard on all new v.2 models as of Oct 2014 and are an upgrade that can be user installed.  $70 ea. 
(a pair of Athena would need 2 Trim Rings, Argos would need 4 rings)


The Version.2 is standard on all current models and a V.2 upgrade can be done here on most of the older models.

This is an accumulation of research we have done over the last few years in wiring, crossover design,
Version 2 upgrade: 
and phase correction that all came together in 2014. The result is a huge leap in every aspect of performance.
Detail, resolution, dynamics, bass response, treble speed, and extension; all profoundly improved.

For those who want to push these to the limits of refinement Duelund resistors and the new Mundorf EVO caps are the ticket.
Duelund/Mundorf EVO Gold Option: $395 at time of build, call for upgrade cost.

Dyrland Productions-Daedalus Audio-8453.

detail showing the custom Daedalus midrange trim ring

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