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Argos Speaker



The Argos v.3 takes our original speaker system to a level we never thought possible. A truly great speaker for the home. Not too large but big enough for bass with serious gravitas, tastefully designed and sonically uncompromising with near perfect detail and imaging yet always natural and non-fatiguing. If the Apollo Series speakers are a bit  too large then this may be just right for you.

The Argos is a speaker that wraps its arms around you with a full rich tonality without compromising clarity and detail. The room size wide sweet spot of the Argos makes this a great choice for those who include a home theater with their two channel or who simply want to fill their home with music as if it were live.


"In terms of detail, speed, dynamic range, openness, and extension at the frequency extremes, the Daedalus won the day. And the way the Argos v.2s handled voices and acoustic piano had me coming back for listen after listen, pulling out favorite after favorite to rediscover."

Michael Wright - Sound Stage



Stereophile RMAF 2012

only the Argos was playing without the BOW

(above) Argos v.3 in Figured Baked Maple with custom Claro Walnut inlay

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