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Wood Options


   All of our speaker cabinets are made with solid .75” thick renewable North American Hardwoods. There are no veneers or MDF. For over twenty five years we have been building speaker cabinets of solid hardwood for both home and professional use, and they have been used worldwide proving the durability, sonic and visual excellence of solid wood.

   The hardwood for every pair of speakers is individually matched and chosen with the preferences of the client in mind, very much the same process as having a fine instrument custom built by a luthier.  These are heirloom speakers and the hardwood is the heart of every pair.

  We prefer to use a quartersawn walnut baffle on all our speakers because of the stability of the wood and the aesthetics of the dark walnut with the black drivers.  





Quartersawn White Oak

Ebonized Walnut

The standard wood choice at no charge is Cherry 

Other choices at additional cost are:Walnut / Maple / Quartersawn Wt. Oak / Ebonized Walnut. Occasionally we have limited supplies of specialty woods.

Call for pricing and availability.

Kintsugi is related to the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, which calls for seeing beauty in the flawed or imperfect. Occasionally we find a knot or other "defect" which calls to us to complete it with brass, aluminum or stone to bring forth the art of the wood.

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