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Wy-Wires/Daedalus Power Broker


We have partnered in the development of a power distribution center we call the Power Broker. This unit is for use with high-quality components which already have extensive power supply architecture and suffer when used with active power conditioners.

In 2012 we began an association with WyWires in a number of projects. They now build the Daedalus/WyWires speaker cables to our spec., using wire which we supply that reflects the internal wiring systems in our speakers. These cables are a perfect match with our speakers, detailed, full body, revealing and lifelike soundstage. The feedback from customers is that this is a system upgrade on the level of a new component!

$1,950 - eight ft. pair

 "If you own Daedalus Speakers, you must buy these cables. It's the biggest cable upgrade I've ever done in my system."

Mark D.

We also sell the complete line of WyWires cables, call for availability and pricing.

We use Wy-Wires Power Cords and Interconnects in all our systems and feel they are among the very best available at any price. The Platinum interconnects are one of those products that I consider to be a standard by which all others are measured against. Any serious system will benefit from these!

I believe strongly in the WyWires products and am proud that Dadealus is an authorized dealer for them.


Cables and more...

(from WyWires site)"Our newest product - a high current power strip, with 8 NEMA outlets. Housed in a beautiful exotic wood box, handcrafted by Daedalus Audio, our partner in this project. Benefits include greater dynamic range, expanded soundstage, more detail, better image focus and an overall more visceral experience."


$2,495 includes 6 ft. special designed high current power cord.

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