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   The Apollo is our “desert island” speaker--the smallest in the Apollo lineup but capable of producing a BIG sound. Easy to place and suitable for both large and small rooms, the Apollo provides an unparalleled musical experience while enhancing the aesthetic of any domestic audio environment. The Apollo’s three way design functions as a point source for imaging that one would expect from a two-way monitor, but without the compromises often associated with these designs.

  This driver array is extraordinarily coherent, even at near field, so the speaker system is well suited for small rooms yet can easily fill a large room with the dynamic presence, sheer volume and dramatic soundstaging found in the best concert venues. Like every Apollo series speaker, a very stable impedance curve and high efficiency (96db) yield a stellar performer that is VERY tube friendly--SET and other low power tube amplification will partner beautifully with the Apollo.

 ~  Standard woods are Cherry with Walnut baffle, and many other North American hardwoods are available.
 ~  Magnetic Grills are optional as well as custom inlays. Every set is custom built of solid hardwood to your taste.


Apollo v.2

Apollo version 1 pictured

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