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Apollo Series Speakers

In 2016 we decided to take our proprietary 8” driver design to a 10” version. My background is in pro audio and I have always found a certain magic in ten-inch drivers, my hope was that this larger version of our eight-inch driver would capture some of that magic. We anticipated more bass extension, and a bit more “natural/realistic” midbass response… we got that and much more! These new drivers are incredibly fast without sounding analytical, with very low distortion and a very “correct” sound, both in response and phase coherence. 


This new series has been an opportunity to incorporate refinements which I have long contemplated; an isolated sealed compartment for the crossover networks with full rear panel access, completely asymmetrical hardwood cabinets, custom mounting rings for the midrange to radically reduce distortion, Duelund resistors, and specialty buffer caps, and even more extensive bracing inside the cabinets. AT the same time as we were working on the Apollo project, Eton was redesigning their amazing tweeters which bring the highs to a new level of speed and accuracy with no compromise of the natural tonality.


These are full range loudspeakers with the highest level of refinement. The virtually flat frequency response, low distortion and phase coherence provide a lifelike definition that is clear and balanced.


The Apollo series are in every way individual works of art with no compromises and due to our extreme level of detail, these are built to order on a limited basis.

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