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BOW Subwoofer


I don't usually like subs, so I call this system a "Bass Optimization Woofer" or "BOW" because this is not your typical subwoofer.


The Daedalus speaker systems are based on short throw, very fast dynamic drivers, so we felt the need to develop a 'subwoofer' to match. We use a custom designed 12" short throw, high-efficiency (94db) driver in a VERY stiff cabinet (1.5" solid hardwood). The BOW is designed for definition and speed, and it has a very smooth, accurate response so that you can hear the 'wood' in the bass and drums, not just 'boom'. Most of the time you are not even aware that it is on as it fills the foundation of the music and pressurizes the room, without drawing any attention to itself. What this does for a system is improve the image and the sense of 'being there'. Of course, when the program material requires it you will hear and feel the BOW, but it will still be smooth, seamless and musical.

The BOW is a passive system requiring a separate power amplifier and crossover, this is the no-compromise way of doing the job. The BOW is a very high definition system and the choice of the power amp and crossover will seriously affect the quality of musical reproduction.

BOW with rack6.jpg

    Apollo11 (Baked Maple) and BOW subwoofer (Natural Maple)

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