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Ulysses Speaker



The need in audio for a resolving, musical speaker that can perform effortlessly with any amplifier, be it SET or Class A Solid State is rarely met. Combine that with a speaker that looks as good as it sounds and you have the Ulysses.


   A highly efficient design that is fast and detailed yet comfortable in any room, in many ways the best of a horn and electrostatic system without the compromises of either. The Ulysses V.2 incorporates six drivers into a cohesive design with exceptional dynamics and natural off-axis response, these speakers will completely disappear presenting a huge, lifelike stage drums explode, instruments are placed with precision and realism and the vocalist is right there in the room.


 The solid hardwood cabinetry is integral to the sound and timeless in its elegance, these are of limited production and by their very nature only for the most discerning people.  Every pair is individually handcrafted for the client, much in the same process as a top-shelf custom musical instrument.


  The Ulysses V.2 make a statement both visually and sonically of elegance and taste while never drawing undue attention, simply a fine presentation of craftsmanship and music.

Made in the USA

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