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Shipping and Postal address:
Daedalus Audio
7060 Portal Way #120
Ferndale, WA 98248


In the U.S.A. Daedalus speakers are are only available direct.
Call us for dealer or audition info,as many of our customers are willing to 
audition their Daedalus speakers. Please e-mail for current pricing.

Our direct pricing reflects the savings of not supporting an extensive dealer network, and also these direct prices are an introductory system. Our retail prices show a fair value of the speakers when compared to most other systems here andabroad, even those at two or more times the cost.
For international sales with the additional shipping, duties and other expenses, a dealer system is more desirable and the international prices must reflect those expenses.
Bottom line is in the USA these are only available direct, in regions where there are dealers/ distributors then I am glad to help you make your choice but please purchase from the dealer in your region.

360.410.2833 10-4 PST
There is a 30 day no-risk audition period on non-showroom direct sales,(10 days on the DiDs).*

Email link


Authorized Dealer in Australia ~ Deep HZ Audio 


Authorized Dealer in Singapore ~ Horizon Acoustics

Authorized Distributer for DiDs in 
Germany, Austria and Switzerland



* The fine print on the 30 day audition.
Speakers and stands must be in new condition, it is the buyers responsibility for shipping both ways plus a $450 restocking fee. This covers part of the shipping materials and labor costs. If the purchase was with Visa/MC we have to add 6%, this is what the banks charge us for a purchase/return. We will always try to work with our customers but we may not be able to take returns on custom orders or subwoofers and crossovers.

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